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The Health Buddy

My Net RN recognizes the challenges associated with navigating, understanding, and integrating the wide variety of healthcare services that can be utilized. That is why we provide private care management services to individuals looking to have a Health Buddy on their medical journey. Our systematic approach to patient advocacy makes the health and wellness needs of you, or your loved ones, the top priority.

Care management services range from quick question phone calls, to full service "membership" plans. Having a My Net RN Health Buddy on your team ensures the health care journey is a smooth one.


Quick Call

Have a question on your medical care? Speak with one of our Health Buddies to see how forming a care management relationship could help. Free 15 minute phone consultation.

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Health Buddy Consultation

A more in depth discussion on past care, current treatment plan, and recommendations for the future. A Health Buddy will review your health journey and provide you with a formal report to utliize as you move forward. Can be used for oneself, or a loved one. Up to 2 hours.

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Home Health Assessments

Our Health Buddies are available to inspect homes for safety, provide welfare checks, and assist with hospital discharge planning and setup of equipment as needed. Perfect for loved ones that are far away and need a Health Buddy to ensure their comfortability. Up to 3.5 hours, plus travel time and mileage.

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Medical Bill Review

Medical bills can be overwhelming and stressful. Don't put them off any longer! Our Health Buddies have experience reviewing all types of medical charges and will identify, resolve, and provide solutions. Up to 2 hours.

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Individualized Health Planning

One of the most popular options. A Health Buddy will meet with you for up to 4 hours to discuss your medical journey including treatment, medications, surgeries, and more. In this time, support and even resolution can be provided. A formal report will be created to be utilized moving forward. If more time is required, as a Health Buddy about our membership plans.

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Monthly Memberships

On-call access to a Health Buddy for ongoing questions, support, and attendance at appointments. There are different levels of membership depending on you or your loved ones needs. Contact us for more information.

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