Assess. Interpret. Provide.

My Net RN is a nurse-managed, nurse and woman-owned case management organization focused on helping injured workers and private clients through the healthcare experience with compassion and clarity.

We guide our clients through the journey from start to finish; we offer case management services for our partners in third-party administration and the employment sectors as well as private case management for individuals seeking guidance through their medical treatment.

We are committed to transparency and communication throughout each process.

Prescriptive Case Management

TeleCase Management

HybridCase Management

FullCase Management

CatCase Management

Prescriptive Case Management

Health Buddy Consult

Home Health Assessements

Medical Bill Review

Individualized Health Plans

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Our Nurses

Coverage Locations

My Net RN has nurses all over the country. We spend time finding exceptional nurse case managers and train them to achieve our standards of transparency, empathy, and attention to detail. We currently have staff in over 30 states and our team is always growing. Ask us how we can assist you today!